Independent Evaluators


Knowing what to look for. Seeing the long view.

We work with employers, executives, insurers, attorneys, case managers, and personnel involved in the challenging world of psychiatric disability claims.

Strategy. Planning. Execution.

There is no substitute for an accurate understanding of the impact of mental health on occupational functioning.


From complex high-exposure to seemingly straightforward claims, ICCN excels in working with you to home in on the essential elements of each case, identify the most effective next-steps to pursue, generate questions that need answering, and procure the best specialists to see that the job is done right. Our quality review protocols assure excellence in reports which clearly convey the relevant data and resulting conclusions.

Expert Evaluators

It is imperative that you obtain data and opinions upon which you can rely. Trained forensic psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists address complex and nuanced issues inherent in medical legal claims.  The specialists that we utilize are chosen for their expertise, intelligence, and integrity. We know that you are depending on reliable peer reviews and assessments in order to make the best-informed decisions possible.

Premium Service

Our experience provides your company with the guardrails needed to avoid missteps and potentially costly errors. Our staff are skilled and personable, providing you with a smooth path from the submission of a referral to conclusion.


Independent Medical Evaluations

The results of an IME often have serious implications and must be conducted by competent experts. Our evaluators are chosen for their intelligence, scholarly knowledge of the subject matter, and skills at conducting thorough, even-handed evaluations and writing clear and useful reports.


Medical Record Reviews

For a quality and comprehensive review of the collected data, our experts specialize in the condition specific to the reported complaint. They are proficient in critiquing others' evaluations.


Peer Reviews

Special skills are required for effective Peer-to-Peer telephone interviews. Our carefully selected experts are particularly adept at adding to the value of your collected data through respectful and documented treatment provider interviews. We develop questions tailored for your concerns, and welcome your input in generating questions for ICCN's Peer Reviewers.


Training and Education

From one person to hundreds of people, from in-person to global video conferencing, ICCN provides training on numerous topics. These seminars have been consistently valued by executives, adjusters, case managers, and attorneys. Our menu of topics is available for your review.


We provide best possible solutions to give your business a competitive edge

We help you examine, understand, and effectively manage your cases with brainstorming, training, Peer Reviews, IMEs, on-site interviews, data critique, and more. We provide you with the confidence that you seek for arriving at your claims analyses.

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Where psychology meets the law - we provide you with forensic analyses of your cases. What is compelling? What is missing? What is needed to clarify and convey the psychological implications in your cases.

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Training for HR and other personnel on the impact of psychological distress (including PTSD) at the workplace, pre-employment screenings, review and consult on claims for the self-insured employer, and more.

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We are dedicated to supporting our expert peer reviewers and independent evaluators. Once the referral is made, we are here to make the experience as smooth as possible, and we are here to support you throughout the process of this challenging and valued work.

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