For Employers

Be well prepared. Achieve the discerning vantage point.

We help with:

  • Pre-employment Psychological and Neuropsychological Screening
    • Including Peace Officers and Civilian Contractors
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Threat of Violence Assessment
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    • Training for Self Insured Claims Personnel
    • Training for Human Resource Personnel and other First-Line Post-Incident responders
    • Review of Treatment – Peer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

There are as many questions as there are different employers. Please contact us to consult about your specific needs.

Yes, we match our educator to your specific audience and your required needs.

Yes, we work with your existing administrators and specialists to develop a program and process that successfully addresses the psychiatric components of your employees' concerns.

No, while on-location services are strongly recommended for some situations, many of our services may be conducted remotely. Please ask for details.

Submit a referral. Call for a consultation.

Within 24 hours of a request, our exemplary staff will be in contact with you to plan your consultation with Dr. Cohen, to arrange a referral, and/or to schedule a training session.