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Our training sessions are sought after and employed by a wide variety of clients with a broad range of topics. Dr. Lori Cohen has presented seminars over the past 30 years for defense and plaintiff attorneys, Administrative Law Judges, insurance executives, claims adjusters, case managers, employers, forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, insurance medical consultants, post-doctoral fellows, and other professionals.

Training Options

Dr. Cohen and her colleagues present on a wide range of topics that are essential to an accurate understanding and effective management of psychiatric claims. Our client list includes some of the country’s largest insurers, TPAs, and law firms. Choose one of our many training modules or let us work together to design a training seminar tailored for your needs.

  • Assessment and Management of the "Subjective" Claim

  • Group Psycho-educational Debriefings for Victims of Armed Robbery

  • How to Conduct an Effective Interview of a Treating Doctor (Beginner and Advanced Skills)

  • Behavioral Healthcare for Complex Co-Morbid Claims

  • Acute Stress Response and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Assessment and Management

  • Conducting a Comprehensive Independent Psychological Evaluation

  • The Importance of Psychological Factors in Pain and Fatigue Claims

  • The Psychiatric LHWCA and DBA Claim: Data that Matters

  • My Doctor Says...: Explore the Value of Treatment Provider Data

  • PTSD Assessment Considerations in Light of Iraq/Afghanistan Trauma Claims

  • “Mind Over Matter” exploring “Somatic Symptom Disorders”


Past Conference Presentations

  • University of Michigan and The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)
  • UMASS Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Fellow Program
  • Eastern Claims Conference
  • The 68th Annual Workers' Compensation Educational Conference
  • Legal and Risk Management Government Contractor Symposium
  • Annual Longshore Conference: Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
  • Tulane University Forensic Meeting
  • Western Claim Conference
  • Case Management Society of New England Conference
  • American Conference Institute
  • International Claims Conference
  • Midwestern Claims Conference
  • California School of Professional Psychology lecturer

Our goal is to demystify the complexities of psychiatric claims

Once you contact us with interest in a training or a conference presentation (any size), we shall arrange a time to consult about your specific format needs (in-person, video conferencing, etc.), and discuss your goals.