For Attorneys

Many claims involve obvious and concealed psychological components. Our forensic experts assist you in assessing the psychologically critical factors of your claim, and addressing the possible implications of mental health findings.

We can help with:

  • Expert Witness Procurement
  • Record Review
  • Critique of Existing Evaluation Reports
  • Deposition Preparation
  • Questions for treatment providers
  • Cross-Examination Preparation
  • Tailored Questions for Independent Examinations
  • Analysis of Other Experts' Findings
  • A Variety of Training Seminars

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have additional questions. Please feel free to contact us to confer with one of our forensic experts.

ICCN confers with you about your specific case, and recommends experts with a specialized knowledge base, experience, and credentials for assessing and opining on each case.

We have developed questions that apply to different types of claims, and for different types of specialists. We are also glad to review records and develop questions tailored to each case. We always submit our questions for your review and defer to your questions/choices on each case. You are free to use some, all, or none of our questions. 


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