We are ICCN

ICCN is a nationally recognized consulting firm founded and run by psychologists and dedicated to providing our myriad clients with exceptional, tailored services and the highest quality reports in the industry. Our peer reviewers and independent evaluators are seasoned experts skilled in forensic interviewing, intelligent report writing, and providing clear, understandable testimony. We provide consultations for corporate leaders, business owners, attorneys, claims adjusters, nurse practitioners, investigative and vocational personnel, and mental health experts nationally and internationally.


Our History

For more than 2 decades our psychologist founders have created and fine-tuned a premier specialized firm dedicated to consultation, expert case review, and training. This has resulted in some of the world’s largest insurance companies utilizing our services.

We apply our clinical acumen, forensic and claims industry experience, and fine-tuned quality control measures to meet the challenges of psychiatric claims in the areas of property/casualty, personal injury, short- and long-term disability claims, state and federal workers’ compensation evaluations, Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation, and Waiver of Premium cases.


About Our Organization

Our Vision

The impact of an individual's mental health status on their capacity to function is often profound and nearly always difficult to accurately assess and to skillfully manage. While many providers offer their services to evaluate a claimant's psychological condition, it takes an exceptional evaluator to do this well.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our clients — employers, insurers, corporate leaders, attorneys, and others — with the training, the consultation, and the expertise they need to successfully navigate their industry challenges.

Our Values

We are an independent consulting firm vigilant in our vetting process and dedicated to utilizing the services of professionals with the skills and integrity required of exemplary experts.

Our Founders


Lori Cohen, Ph.D.

Lori Cohen, Ph.D. is president of Independent Claim Consultants Network, LLP. As a licensed psychologist in Massachusetts, she has consulted to workers' compensation, disability, and property/casualty companies, among others, for more than thirty years. She has reviewed many thousands of IME reports and has trained psychologists, psychiatrists, and neuropsychologists in conducting peer reviews and independent evaluations (IMEs).

For the past twenty years, she has been training claims professionals, attorneys, and experts in the assessment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Cohen and her staff have developed a national and international network of Independent Medical Evaluators in all specialties. Dr. Cohen is a recognized expert witness in forensic psychology by Brockton District Court, MA and is an Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts, Worcester where she trains and supervises psychology and psychiatry forensic fellows. She contributed a chapter regarding psychiatric and co-morbid claims in The Longshore Textbook, 6th edition.

Dr. Cohen has authored and presented training seminars for many of the largest insurers in the country and is a speaker for national and international conferences including the ECC, The ICA, the Annual Longshore Conference, The American Academy of Insurance Medicine, and the WCI. She has consulted with corporate leaders on specialized program development, risk assessment, and on-site specialized services.
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Jonathan Parad, Ph.D.

Jonathan Parad, Ph.D, a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Massachusetts, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Southern California and earned his doctoral degree from the California School of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Parad had a large private practice in Los Angeles and supervised licensed psychologists and graduate students. He conducted comprehensive disability evaluations and supervised graduate students in conducting forensic assessments. Dr. Parad was an administrator for Emergency Services in Franklin and Hampshire Counties in Massachusetts, supervising clinicians engaged in the assessment of individuals suffering from a wide variety of mental illnesses.

Having been trained at the Suicide Prevention Center in Los Angeles, he is experienced in the assessment of suicidal risk and the treatment of suicidal patients. He has been Vice President of Independent Claim Consultants, LLP since its founding in 1997. Dr. Parad has consulted extensively with the legal department of a major insurance company on a wide variety of claims. Dr. Parad has consulted to attorneys on wrongful death cases, jury selection, and application of the ADA and other legal issues.

He has critiqued over 10,000 IME reports.